Heritage is a key component in our society, so we should cherish it. This is because it helps reveal our foundation. Heritage can also help us become better people by inspiring us and letting us remember our previous successes.

That’s why, here at Torfaen, we are proud to present our cultural heritage, which showcases our history beautifully. Having said that, it is our pleasure to impart this heritage to everyone available so that they can discover and appreciate it. All of us here are pleased to commemorate and preserve Torfaen’s rich heritage so that more can visit and appreciate what we have.

Torfaen’s vision for our heritage is to:

  • Conserve, protect, and introduce the heritage of Torfaen with an excellent standard for the succeeding generations
  • Make use of the heritage as a supporting factor to enrich cultural and life appreciation
  • Utilize the heritage wherever and whenever when there is a need to assist with any related cultural, economic, and environmental restoration.

Things we want to achieve:

  • Improve and endorse the heritage
  • Keep on increasing our understanding and admission to the town’s heritage
  • Safeguard the heritage
  • Incorporate heritage to the people as a part of their everyday life
  • Entice more people to be acquainted with the heritage
  • Accumulate budget in the conservation and advertising the heritage
  • Boost the progress of economically maintainable heritage developments