Discover the subterranean world of a coal mine operation at Big Pit National Coal Museum. Here, they are committed to conserving the traditional way of Welsh coal-mining. The museum is definitely a must-see tourist destination. You’ll be amazed at the steel bands and pit props, but these are not for presentation alone. They actually support the mine’s ceiling too. Also, the water rushing down the tunnels towards the cages is natural. Many years ago, the water will flow directly to the coal mine. But now, the water streams through the man-made waterways, making them look ethereal.

Pontypool Museum

Once known as the Valley Inheritance Museum, the Pontypool Museum is located in a Georgian stable block that is formerly a part of Hanbury’s residence, the family who pioneered the iron production industry in Poontypool. All year long, you can view the pre-historic things and primitive treasure troves highlighting the cultural, industrial, and social heritage as well as the history of Pontypool and the Torfaen valley. In addition to its various antique Japanese Usk and Pontypoon wares, the museum’s collections also consist of artifacts such as clocks, ephemera, and homely antiques. Homegrown artists’ works are also featured at the museum. You can learn more about the town by researching at the Dobell-Moseley Library & Archive located within the museum.

Cwmbran Shopping

With over 170 fantastic stores, Cwmbran is regarded as the biggest shopping center in Southeast Wales. When you shop here, there’s a large variety of fashion brands to choose from such as M&S, New Look, Primark, Asda, River Island, House of Fraser and many more. And when you get hungry after shopping, you don’t need to go anywhere else as cafes and restaurants are everywhere. With 3000 parking spaces available, there is no parking fee for those who have a car as well.

Pontypool Park


Originally, the Pontypool Park was a part of Hanbury’s Pontypool House. Now, it has become one of the best town parks in Wales that you should visit.

The Pontypool Park has over 60 hectares of stunning scenery with lots of leisure amenities. They have various recreational facilities like bowling alleys, tennis courts, playgrounds, and a dry ski slope, which is the longest one in Wales. You and your family would surely love this place. This monumental park is also the home of Pontypool RFC where the famous summer Carnival is held.

Blaenafon Cheddar Company

When you visit the Blaenafon Cheddar Company, you will witness these topnotch cheeses prepared 300 ft. under the ground. The cheddar company is a family business that offers a tour around its facility. You can buy their products too. What makes their cheeses great because they are all produced without artificial additives and colorings and are made by hand. The secret of their long shelf life is they are manually dipped into tinted wax. The company also makes their cheeses a lot more exciting by incorporating them with local liqueurs and whiskeys. These alcoholic beverages also extend the cheeses’ lifespan naturally. To surprise your family and friends when you come home, buy them a cheddar hamper as a gift or souvenir for them.