There are other towns in Europe that are named Pontypool aside from the one in Wales. The first one is in Longjumeau, France. It was founded in 1994. The second one is in Bretten, Germany. It was established in 1994. The last one is in Condeixa, Portugal. It was inaugurated in 1999. These towns unintentionally got the same name. To tackle any concerns regarding these 4 towns, conferences are held every year.

Longjumeau is only 19 kilometers from Paris, France and has a great influence from the department of Essone, a secret garden in Île-de-France. It is formerly situated on the Roman highway that connects Paris and Orleans. Thanks to the ford, the city’s expansion started and developed eventually into an obligatory stopover for all business trades. Currently, developments are everywhere from the Yvette River to the uptown section of the area. Bordered by the Templar forest in the outermost southeast and a massive field in central east, Longjumeau rural characteristic is now gone, turning it into like the suburbs in Paris.

Bretten is set in the middle of the Kraichgau grapevines and encircled by the Black Forest and Odenwald hills. This prehistoric town is the birthplace of Philip Melanchthon who is recognized as “Germany’s teacher.” Every first week of July, the town plays as a host of Peter and Paul Festival, one of the historical traditions celebrated here. Throughout the whole weekend, all corners of the town provide some kind of hospitality with a 15th-century theme. Locals wear costume and processions of soldiers are viewed by many people.

Condeixa nestles in the middle of Opoto and Lisbon, which was established way back from the Roman Empire era. From here, Coimbra city is just a few kilometers away, where one of the first universities in Europe was founded. The ancient remains of Conimbriga are also near here. The town is renowned for its lavish vineyards and ceramics.