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10 Best Museum Websites of All Time

As the internet takes a huge place in people’s lives, it’s not surprising that businesses and organizations have also been dominating the web space. With the less hassle and enjoyable experience that CertaHosting web hosting services offer, almost anyone can create their own website nowadays. Museums are no exception.

Museums are known for their historical architecture and paintings, but do you know that people can now access and experience their exhibits online? Different web hosting services have made it possible for museum managers to showcase their galleries of arts online.

Here, we have listed the top 10 best museum websites of all time.

International Center of Photography

As the world’s leading institution that shows people beautiful and unique pictures, ICP lets people experience the history and future of museum exhibitions. Do not miss out the details and meanings of the pictures as they are well-presented in the website.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

BMFA is known for being the house of over 500,000 artworks. Approximately a million visitors have been visiting their museum each day. With their website, people can now also browse their various artwork collections.

Museum of the Moving Image

From the name of the museum itself, MMI aims to advance the appreciation of people towards the art of filming, digital media, and television. Their website has been actively posting details, screening information, and sample collection for the people.

Aspen Art Museum

The Aspen Art Museum has a simple yet aesthetic website. They present exhibits, artists, events, programs, and other beneficial gatherings on it. They motivate people to appreciate and experience culture, society, and art.

Metropolitan Museum

As one of the famous museums in New York, MM has been also using their website to let people access and appreciate precious arts. With their goal to conserve, collect, study, and present art to the public, MM’s website shows exhibits, events, arts, and various other information.

New Museum

To continuously reach international artists and people who appreciate arts, the New Museum opened its website to the public. With a simple layout and theme, all of the information and details you’ll find there are all well-organized.

Hirshhorn Museum

Hirshhorn Museum has a minimalist black and white web theme. The design makes its website classy and its information easy-to-read. The website can also be used as a platform for joining their events, campaigns, and programs.

Whitney Museum of American Art

The Whitney Museum of American Art expanded its museum through programming space. The website shows the important announcement, events, the museum itself, artists, and the collection of arts.

Walker Art Center

The Walker Art Center’s website has a dynamic layout which shows the creativity of how the information and arts are organized. With its strong sense of uniqueness, it certainly attracts countless people who appreciate arts.

Indeed, the museums mentioned above have their own creativity in giving the people information and access to arts. They are all unique in their own way. If you’re a lover of art, you might be amazed to find them on these websites.

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