Strolling in Torfaen

Torfaen is a gorgeous region that’s located on the eastern parts of South Wales’ valleys. It is popular for its heartfelt hospitality combined with great variation in respect to the town’s biodiversity, cultural heritage, landscape, and history.

Whether you’re a constant walker to maintain and improve your overall health or just a casual tourist out strolling to bond with family over the weekend, Torfaen’s chains of circular walks can accommodate all kinds of visitors. You can enjoy various kinds of circular walks, long or short distances, in this amazing County because it possesses 369 km of the public walkway. The walks can be in the rural areas, on the mountain tops, through the waterways, or even along the miners and iron-makers’ footsteps in the Blaenavon World Heritage Site.

To get to know the place, you can download pamphlets about the circular walks or take part in package tours that are organized every now and then. You can also join in the Wales Valleys Walking Festival in the first week of September.

This event has numerous walks, giving you more opportunities to see the beauty of the Valleys of South Wales. The Blaenavon World Heritage Site Environmental Group has arranged an event, which you can enjoy in the spring season. It is named as the Blaenavon Walking Festival, a must-see event that you should include in your travel list.

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