Biking in Torfaen

Torfaen possesses a comprehensive system of very convenient cycling tracks that can be utilized for going to and coming back from work and getting to the town’s leisure hubs or shops to have fun.  A lot of the routes are away from the highway, allowing bikers to pass through plenty of amazing ancient structures.

The total number of cycling routes has quickly increased in the last few years, and a remarkable network in the borough is now accessible.

There are a number of ‘National Cycle Network’ (NCN) paths in Torfaen, these include:

  • NCN 49 – Newport to Mamhilad
  • NCN 466 – Pontypool to Crumlin
  • NCN 492 – Cwmbran to Blaenavon

The Afon Lwyd Trail is the main off-road route around Torfaen and trails NCN 49 and NCN 492 from Cwmbran to the Blaenavon World Heritage Site. Bikers can download a comprehensive map of cycling routes online while a miniature map can be bought from Sustrans, detailing the routes of National Cycle Network for South East Wales and Torfaen as well.

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