Pontypool City and History

Downtown Pontypool has the typical indoor market and high street stores as well as the historic Poonty Park where the shell grotto, dry ski slope, and Folly Tower are located.


Discover Pontypool

Adventures that Pontypool offers for the new tourists.

Things to See and Do in Torfaen

Discover the subterranean world of a coal mine operation at Big Pit National Coal Museum. Here, they are committed to conserving the traditional way of Welsh coal-mining. The museum is definitely a must-see tourist destination. You’ll be amazed at the steel bands and pit props, but these are not for presentation alone. They actually support the mine’s ceiling too. Also, the water rushing down the tunnels towards the cages is natural. Many years ago, the water will flow directly to the coal mine. But now, the water streams through the man-made waterways, making them look ethereal. Pontypool Museum ...

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Torfaen’s History & Heritage

Heritage is a key component in our society, so we should cherish it. This is because it helps reveal our foundation. Heritage can also help us become better people by inspiring us and letting us remember our previous successes. That’s why, here at Torfaen, we are proud to present our cultural heritage, which showcases our history beautifully. Having said that, it is our pleasure to impart this heritage to everyone available so that they can discover and appreciate it. All of us here are pleased to commemorate and preserve Torfaen’s rich heritage so that more can visit and appreciate what we have. Torfaen’s ...

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Places to Stay in Torfaen

Poontypool Metro Hotel The Premier Inn Hotel in Pontypool is the ideal place to stay when you want to explore the South Wales valleys. Situated just south of Brecon Beacons, there are plenty of historical places near from here such as the Big Pit National Coal Museum and Blaenavon World Heritage Site. You can also wander around Cardiff and Newport. Then, after a tiring day roaming around, have yourself a well deserve meal in the hotel’s Harvester restaurant and rest in a large, soft bed. Address: Lower Mill Field, Pontypool, NP4 0X Contacts: 08457 767676 Free Breakfast: Only for kids...

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Pontypool Town Twinning

There are other towns in Europe that are named Pontypool aside from the one in Wales. The first one is in Longjumeau, France. It was founded in 1994. The second one is in Bretten, Germany. It was established in 1994. The last one is in Condeixa, Portugal. It was inaugurated in 1999. These towns unintentionally got the same name. To tackle any concerns regarding these 4 towns, conferences are held every year. Longjumeau is only 19 kilometers from Paris, France and has a great influence from the department of Essone, a secret garden in Île-de-France. It is formerly situated on the Roman highway that connects Paris and ...

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Events and Cultural Venues

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Strolling in Torfaen

Torfaen is a gorgeous region that’s located on the eastern parts of South Wales’ valleys. It is popular for its heartfelt hospitality combined with great variation in respect to the town’s biodiversity, cultural heritage, landscape, and history.
Whether you’re a constant walker to maintain and improve your overall health or just a casual tourist out strolling to bond with family over the weekend, Torfaen’s chains of circular walks can accommodate all kinds of visitors. You can enjoy various kinds of circular walks, long or short distances, in this amazing County because it possesses 369 km of the public …

Biking in Torfaen

Torfaen possesses a comprehensive system of very convenient cycling tracks that can be utilized for going to and coming back from work and getting to the town’s leisure hubs or shops to have fun.  A lot of the routes are away from the highway, allowing bikers to pass through plenty of amazing ancient structures.
The total number of cycling routes has quickly increased in the last few years, and a remarkable network in the borough is now accessible.
There are a number of ‘National Cycle Network’ (NCN) paths in Torfaen, these include:

NCN 49 – Newport to Mamhilad
NCN 466 – …

Torfaen’s Biodiversity

Torfaen is full of excellent habitats and helps regions of both local and national preserve their area. Aside from the town’s four Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSis), it also has about 200 Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) and 7 Local Nature Reserves (LNR). Vital habitats consist of historical deciduous wetlands, woodland, heather-filled highlands, and lush grasslands.
Because of this, there are a lot of implemented laws provided, which includes the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act of 2006 that obligated every local authority to protect the biodiversity in the area. Supplementary …